Date: 2021
Company: Taurus HCD
Services: Brand naming - Logo design.
Taurus Company was tasked in 2021 with building and developing a digital booking platform that encompasses the most important artistic, entertaining, and sporting events in the Arabian Gulf region. Many ideas and artistic directions were worked on after many technical meetings in which all members of Taurus' creative team participated. My involvement in this project consisted of coming up with a name for the project, as well as working on many visual directions for the logo to be displayed. My votes are the name and the direction in which they will be showcased presently.

Suggested names:
Ticketty / Eventtic / EventHype / EventGulf / Tick-It Easy / TicketVenue / TickCorner / TicketVR / TicketEarly / GetMePass
Brand Name
I chose the name “EventHype” because of recent developments in the Arabian Gulf region and the hosting of numerous large and outstanding events. The megaphone was the inspiration for the logo, which included the letter “e” from the term “event” at the beginning of the symbol.
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