Date: 2020
Client: Sicura LTD
Services: Logo & visual identity design
In collaboration with Publito
In 2020, I worked with Publito to build a logo and visual identity for a brand that was formed as a start towards resolving safety and hygiene concerns. Their goal was to develop products that help society in combating bacteria and viruses, including the Corona virus, by removing them from surfaces connected to them in a timely manner, allowing companies and stores Commercial to resume operations in safe and healthy environments, while also lowering costs by reducing cleaning and sterilisation services.
Other options:
Final logo:
We designed a custom sans-serif bold modern logo type to fit the brand goals and combined the U letter and safety shield  to make an unique icon for Sicura.
How it works?

The antimicrobial technology reduces the reproduction rate and spread of microbial growth.
The technology inhibits microbial growth to reduce the spread of bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. It works by breaking down their biological makeup to stop the reproduction of dangerous pathogens.

Category: Access Door Control Buttons

✓ Up to 99.87% effective against Human Coronavirus HCov-229E (ISO 21702 2019)
✓ Reduces reproduction rate of bacteria by up to 99.99%
✓ 3M self adhesive backing for easy and secure install
✓ Lasts up to 1 year

Push activated doors are very common in modern life. Skin contact with these surfaces is almost unavoidable. Our range of products for access door control buttons acts as a protective shield leaving a safer from bacteria and with peace of mind when using.

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